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WaterTower Theatre is a nonprofit organization, and ticket revenue covers only 45% of our operating costs. In an effort to make WaterTower Theatre as accessible as possible to everyone by keeping ticket prices affordable, we rely on charitable contributions for 55% of our operating income. Without it, we simply wouldn't be here and we wouldn’t be able to bring you the kind of high-quality, award-winning performances our community has come to enjoy.

WaterTower Theatre’s commitment to our community is reflected in our mission: to open minds with a diverse mix of plays and educational programs that inspire people to experience and embrace live theatre. We're dedicated to fulfilling that mission but, as you know, we can't do it alone. The pursuit of excellence and the ability to introduce new audiences to the power of live theatre takes the support of members from the community like you, whose very lives we seek to enrich.

If you would like to contribute to WaterTower Theatre's Annual Fund, please click the "Donate Now" button below!

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Contribution Levels


Co-Producing Sponsor $5000+

  • High priority donor recognition in all season programs
  • Co- Producing Sponsorship recognition for a production of your choice with Co- Producing Sponsor recognition in email newsletter, signage in lobby, and recognition in curtain speeches for the chosen production
  • 10 additional tickets to a production of your choice (advanced reservations required - subject to availability)
  • Invitation for 4 to the Season Open House and Out of the Loop Reception

Associate Producing Sponsor $2,500+

  • High priority donor recognition in all season programs
  • Associate Producing Sponsor recognition for a production of your choice with Associate Producing recognition in email newsletter. signage in lobby, and recognition in curtain speeches for the chosen production
  • 2 additional tickets to the production (advance reservations required - subject to availability)
  • Invitation for 4 to the Season Open House and Out of the Loop Reception

Sustaining Patron $1,000+

  • High priority donor recognition in all season programs
  • Invitation for 4 to the Season Open House and Out of the Loop reception

Artistic Patron $500+

  • Donor recognition in all season programs
  • Invitation for 2 to the Season Open House
  • 2 tickets to a production of your choice
  • Invitation to annual donor recognition party

Designer Patron $250+

  • Donor recognition in all season programs
  • Invitation to annual donor recognition party
  • Invitation for 2 to the Season Open House

Main Stage Friend $30+

  • Donor recognition in all season programs
  • Invitation for 2 to the Season Open House 
Contributors (as of 9.19.14)


 Town of Addison
 Holly Canterbury
 Don and Barbara Daseke
 Michael and Liese Canterbury
 Larry McCallum
 Laura McCallum
 Craig and Pamelia McCallum
 Jimmy and Janiece Niemann
 The Shubert Foundation.
 Texas Commission on the Arts 
 April and Michael Bosworth
 James and Angie Canterbury
 Freedom Foundation
 Frost Bank
 Stan Graner and Jim McBride
 Dr. Ricky Lark and Mr. Rickey Shaum
Robert Mayer, Jr.
 Kathleen Messina and Gary Goodwin
 Nissan North America, Inc.
 Slalom Consulting, LLC
 Addison Magazine, the Magazine of the North Dallas Corridor
 American Bank of Commerce
 Bowden Family Foundation
Denny and Connie Carreker
 The Freedom Foundation
 Dolly Graul
 John and Joanne Hare
 Joyce Sanders and Bob Lebovitz
 Liberty Capital Bank
Philip and Janeva Longacre
 Mary Kay, Inc.
 Methodist Hospital for Surgery
 Million Air Dallas
 Betty Reiter
 Neil and Eileen Resnik
 Sovereign Bank
 Ron and Donna Whitehead
 Allied Affiliated Funding
 Julia Buchman
 Tim Chase and Eric Powell
 Civic League
 Joe and Carol Dingman
 Buddy Frazer and Glynda Turner
 Dick and Jaquline Grote
 Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer
 Georgie Madden
 Mrs. Robert McGraw
 Suzanne Palmlund
 Angela Paulos
 Michael Piper and Tamara Lovell
 PlainsCapital Bank
 Natalie S. Potter
 Joe and Mary Ring
 Dr. Christopher Salerno and Dr. John Dixon
 Don and Robin Screen
 Robert Rizzo and Kathy Springs
 Jack and Libby Swindle
 Ruth and Steve Trudeau
 Betty Winkelman
 Addison Airport
 Addison Business Association
 Maureen T. Anderson
 Barbara Elliot Interiors
 Georgene and Jack Bleuler
Derek and Bethany Blount
 James and Barbara Cole
 Russell DeGrazier
 Edward Baumann Clothiers, Inc.
 Mary and Bob Fleming
 Elizabeth Fratantuono
 Stacey Griggs
 Ed and Ida Hassler
 Mr. and Mrs. Randy M. Horton
 Doris Jacobs
 Kamco Property Company
 Margo Keyes
 LPL Financial
 Donna Marino
 Barbara and Sam McKenney
 Katie Myatt
 Blaine and Patti Nelson
 Suzie Oliver
 Karol Omlor
 Wade W. Owens
 Wanda Parker
 Jacki Quigley
 Andrea. Redmon
 Mike and Carol Resnick
 Gladys Shen
 Signature Floors and Interiors
 Sooner Management, LLC
 Texas Instruments
 Allie Theisen
 Brenda Truitt
 United Surgical Partners International
 Abbie and Karen Vafaee
 Jerry and Karen Zvonecek
 Sue Adams
 Ellen Austrew
 Joe and Gail Barth
 Roz and Mervyn Benjet
 Craig and Mary Bevil
 Dorothy Bjorck
 Jeffrey and Rebecca Bottin
 Judy Bronaugh
 Mary Carpenter
 Mary Jo Cater
 Peggie and Fendol Chiles
 Meredith Clarac
 Dallas Business Club
 Chris and Sarah DeFrancisco
 Lea Dunn
 Kenneth and Greta Fantus
 Mrs. Rocky Ford
 Goldman, Sachs and Company
 Margie Gunther
 Lisa Hermes
 Jeanette Johnson
 Burdette Katzen
 Paula and Irwin Kerber
 Harold Korin
 Janet Laughlin
 Tracy Elaine Long
 Carole Marlowe
 Terrence M Martin
 Judy Mathis
 Harriet  and Roger Mellow
 Vicki Newsom
 Northern Trust
 Mark and Renita Partin
 Jordan Payne
 William P. Pfeiff
 Corky Pledger
 Sue Prather
 Eleanor Roylance
 Richard L. Russell
 Lorrie Semler
 Jean Stoner
 Craig Sutton
 Jack Terrillion
 Larry Waisanen
 Sarah Warnecke
 Shirley Warren
 Virginia Waytena
 Dennis West and Carolyn Wickwire
 Dr. Ann Wigodsky
 Sylvia Wise
 Melissa Allen
 James and Gail Allen
 Jean and Darrell Arnold
 Sylvia Atkins
 Ida Jane and Doug Bailey
 Judy Barrett
 Robert Baumann
 Greta Beckerman
 Linda Berthold
 Barbara Bigham
 Judy Birchfield
 Eric Blackwood
 Timothy and Kathy Boobar
 Robert Book
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyer
 Shannon Brame
 Janine Brand
 Tom and Anita Braun
 Nancy Brenner
 Diana Briner
 Sue Brown
 Barbara Buehler
 Sue Carlson
 Debra Carter
 Kimberly and Thomas Carter
 Ellen and Dick Cassidy
 Donna Catterton
 Rita Cavanaugh
 Mary Cave
 Kay Champagne
 Katie Christy
 Cathy Clark
 Rose Colarossi
 Communities Foundation
 Jolene Cormier
 Dallas Business Journal
 Claudia and Scott Davis
 Joanne Delagrange
 Petra Della Valle
 Bill and Dorothy Dent
 Phillip Disraeli
 Karen Douglas
 Dowdey Family
 James and Donna Duffy
 Neil Earnest
 Larry and Kristin Ehlers
 Roy and Ragen Elterman
 Alan Epstein
 Mark Ervi
 Nancy Evans
 Sherry Fletcher
 Grant and Nancy Foreman
 Diane Foshee
 Paul Frank
 Sue Fry
 Larry and Mickey George
 Jane Goodell
 Linda Grigsby
 Edna Ground
 Nicole Haines
 Rita Harvey
 Kelli Heinzerling
 Vickie Henry
 Dean Hudson
 Anne Hudson
 Wanda Hughes
 Diane Hultquist
 Dawn Jantsch
 Janine Johnson
 Jack and Marcie Johnson
 Michael Jones
 Donald Jordan
 Carlton and Mary Karlik
 Dennis Keys
 Kathleen. Klaviter
 Julie Knecht
 Dennis Kratz
 Florence Krueger
 Sandra and Lewis Lambert
 John J. Lavelle Jr.
 Susan Lee
 Sharon Lee
 Thomas and Margo Levine
 Susan Lewis
 Inc. Lucio Enterprises
 Janene and Warren Ludlow
 Marilyn Manby
 Genny Mantzuranis
 Jennifer Martinez
 Mr and Mrs Basil Masse
 Gale and Dale Matthews
 KC McClain
 Ann McCoy
 Alice Jo McKinsey
 Todd Meier
 Michelle Mew
 Faith Meyer
 Megan Meyercord
 Dawn Mikey
 Michael and Dolores Miller
 Davis Moore
 Janelle Moore
 Karen Morris
 Andrea Mueller
 Betty Nelson
 Myra Newfeld
 John and Sherry Nolan
 John and Kay Norris
 North Dallas Bank and Trust
 Anita Palmer
 Bonnie and Evan Pearson
 Becky Pfundheller
 Pat Porter
 Ken and Reesa Portnoy
 Gretchen A. Powell
 Robert and Cindy Quint
 Margherita Rader
 Julie Ramirez
 Mary Anne Mayer Redmond
 Karen Reynolds
 Hedy and Ronald Rittenmeyer
 Cynthia Rollow
 Gary Rowen
 Ian Rule
 Laura Lee Scherer
 Laura Lee Scherer
 Charles and Audrey Shaffer
 Ethan Halm and Diana Sheehan
 William and Crystal Harlow Sherman
 Paul Shultz
 Joseph Sifferman
 Bradley and Evelyn Simmons
 Jennifer Simpson
 Martha Smith
 Charles and Linda Smith
 Cheryl and Charles Sonsteby
 Baharak Sotoudeh
 Renee Stanley
 John and Susan Stetter
 Lynn Stofer
 Carole Swan
 Karen Swenson
 Lisa Taylor
 Lisa Taylor
 Betsyanne Tippette
 Mary Todd
 Patti Towell
 Cathy and Harry True
 Elaine Van Kerkhove
 James and Lynn Vermillion
 Mary Lou Vinson
 Ruth Waits
 Paul and Marsha Walden
 Brian and Laura Wallace
 Virginia Wallace
 Elizabeth Weissenborn
 Paula Welch
 Scott and Kathryn Wheeler
 Kelley Wheeler
 Mary Anne Whibey-Davis
 Ken Whitson
 Teresa Wilkin
 Carolyn Williams
 John and Lynne Wood
 Mary Alice Wynn
 Lyndon and Carol Adams
 Richard M. Ahlstrom
 Holly and Larry Alberts
 Homer and Jaren Alexander
 Ruth Alhilali
 Frances Almanzo
 Lynn Angell
 Charles and Alberta Arledge
 William and Susan Ashbaugh
 Ted Bachta
 James and Eleanor Bahr
 Shannon Ball
 Jason Barnett
 Angela Shoup and Brett Barron
 Frances Bayman
 Janice Beall
 Frederick Bell
 Janet Bernstein
 Elaine Betcher
 Pattie Blackwell
 Craig Bobbitt
 Carl Bonds
 Cathy Booth
 Robert Boronow
 George Boyd
 Gregory Boydston
 Ellen Bratton
 Brookhaven Apothecary and Surgical Shop
 Linda F. Bross
 Mary Brown
 Tom and Adele Brown
 Tom Brunner
 Mary Ann Burns
 Vondell W. Byrne
 Theodore and Carol Bywaters
 BJ Cadwalader
 John Campione
 Roger and Becky Carver
 Doris Cheshier
 Linda J Chianese
 Carol Clayton
 Muriel Clayton
 Robert J Cleveland
 Richard Cline
 Keith Colwell
 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Legare Comer
 James Comfort
 Birgitta Compton
 Troy and June Cooper
 Michelle Corley
 Barbara Cox
 Mr. and Mrs. John Samuel Crowley
 Audrey Cunningham
 Judy and Hal Daugherty
 Robert L. Davis
 Annette Davis
 Earnest and Sylvia Deadwyler
 Sharon DeAtley
 Paul C. Dechow
 Deb Decker
 Bruce DeGrasse
 Gaston Detweiler
 Paulette E. Deutman
 Sue Dexheimer
 Norma and Jack Diamond
 Ralph Disch
 Robert and Carol Doepfner
 Joe Dolcini
 Don Dowling
 William Dozier
 Mimi Drew
 Martha Dunham
 Lauren Dunn
 Carol Eardley
 Cheryl Ehmann
 Marjorie Elliott
 Maryann Ellis
 George Engelland
 Erin Engstrom
 Jerry and Ann Erwin
 John Essman
 Mike and Sally Evans
 Winston and Betty Evans
 Janie Faris
 Maureen Farmer
 Stephanie Felton
 Howard Fields
 Margaret Filingeri
 Delryn and Skip Kilmer Fleming
 Renae Fogarty
 Gregory Forshay
 Carole Fowkes
 Anthony Francis
 Robert Franklin
 Don French
 Lianne Friedel
 Carolyn Gaffney
 Catalina Garcia
 Brian and Janet Gelles
 Mary G. Gitelman
 Jerry Gleason
 Steven Goble
 Beverly and Joe Goldman
 Eileen and Martin Goldstein
 Ellen Gomez
 Sandy Gorman
 Sharon Graef-Browning
 Joyce Griese
 Johanna Guenther
 Richard Guldi
 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gummer
 David Gutierrez
 Beverly Hagemeyer
 James Hambleton
 W.M. Hamilton
 Zachary Hancock
 Scott G. and Patricia Hanzl
 Steven D. Happel
 Brett and Angela Hardin
 Kay Harrell
 William and Mary Harrison
 Sharron Harrison
 Patty Hartley
 Bruce Hasenyager
 Arthur W Hastings
 Mary V. Haynes
 Bob Hess
 Marilyn Hill
 Clay Hogan
 Jerry Hogue
 Beverly Holmes
 Carole Hoppenstein
 David Horner
 Bob and Mary Hostler
 Robert Hounchell
 Caren Houston
 Paula Hudson
 Charles and Susan Hughes
 Tim and Stephanie Inserra
 Debbie Ivie
 Lawrence M. Jackson
 Douglas Jackson
 JH Jackson
 Stuart Jacobs
 Cynthia Jensen
 Barry Johnson
 Avery Johnson
 Madhn Kapoor
 Mr. and Mrs. Sol Kardon
 Jayme Karen
 Ellen Kaufman
 Marilyn and Dick Keitlen
 Marci Kellner
 Ed and Holly Kepner
 Tanya Kiser
 Reed Kitchell
 Lisa Kittredge
 Jane Kovacs
 Maurice Kreindler
 Barbara Kuykendall
 Scott and Diana Latham
 Mary Beth Lavercombe
 Amie Lay
 Henry Sanchez Leal
 Robert H. Lee
 Lois Leftwich
 Jacquelyn Lengfelder
 Wyn and Greg Lesch
 Thomas Lewis
 Sue Lichten
 Helga Loftin
Robert Long
 Ron Maddox
 Wanda Maikowski
 Kathie and Chuck Mapes
 Joy Martello
 David Martin
 Zelda Mash
 David Mason
 Nancy Matthews
 Carolyn Mayer
 Edward C. McCaffrey
 Sue and Bob McCormick
 Andrea McDaniel
 Jody and Jim McDonough
 Carie McGrath
 Jerry McKenzie
 Jerry and Jane McManus
 Pamela McPartland
 Bruce McWilliams
 Janet Melancon
 Cynthia Messersmith
 Tom and Judy Metzger
 Susan Midgette
 Tiffany Miller
 David and Karen Miller
 William and Mary Miller
 Pat and Jim Mitchell
 Errol Mitlyng
 Bob and Lucy Mora
 John and Jane Morgan
 Barbara Morris
 Mary Morris
 Candy and Terry Myers
 April Nienke
 Sylvia Nolan
 Larry and Barbara Nouvel
 Mike and Gayle Nurre
 Sandra O'Leary
 Dennis O'Reilly
 Mary Alice Owens
 Barbara Pactor
 Patricia Parker
 James Pasant
 Greg Patterson
 Philip and Nancy Pearson
 Patricia Peiser
 Mr. and Mrs. John Penca
 Sylvia Persky
 Robyn Petelski
 Raymundo and Maria Pina
 Steven M. Pipes
 Robert Pirtle
 Barbara Pitts
 Linda Pivnick
 Pat Polk
 Susie Pool
Guinn Powell
 Barbara and Dean Presnall
 Cheryl Pringle
 Linda Rafferty
 M. Carolyn Raiser
 Rosella Reinthal
 Barbara Revitt and James Wells
 Craig Reynolds
 Dick and Sally Roberts
Katie Roberts
 Nancy and Wilfred Roberts
 Becky Robinson
 Denise Rolling
 Aleksandra Rosen
 Sharon and James Roth
 Susan Routh
 Ruth Roylance
 Lisa Ryan
 Jeff Samford
 Eileen Scheib
 Hazel Schoenberg
 Luanne Schultz
 Marcia Schwall
 Tamera Schwarz
 Susan and Don Sawatzky Schwenker
 Eleanor and David Scroggin
 Heidi Shen and Michael Wang
 Barbara Shields
 Denise Siedhoff
 Marina and Andrew Smeeton
 Diana Smith
 Roslyn Solomon
 James Spencer
 Lyn T. and Barbara C. Stanley
 Bill Stephens
 Michael Stern
 Theresa Sternat
 Karen Sticksel
 Gregory and Barbara Stiebling
 Bunny Summerlin
 Joan Tamez
 Lester and Shelli Taub
 June Taylor
 Frank and Bonnie Taylor
 Pamela Taylor
 Christine and Scott Teagle
 Dirk Ten Eyck
 Russell Tether
 Susan Tjosvold
 Dick and Pauline Trice
 Cynthia Tucker
 Paul and Evelyn Utay
 Pat Vaughan
 Bev and Brian Vespucci
 Linda Vestal
 Guillermo Vidaud
 Maryanne Visconti-Pfeffer
 Phillip and Julia Walden
 Phillip and Charlee Wallen
 Don Warnecke
 Andrea Weaver
 Jack Webster
 Fran Weichsel
 Herbert Weinstein
 Paul and Arlene Weisberg
 John and Suzanne West
 Lynn White
 Dolores Wiedman
 Diana Williamson
 Marilee Willingham
 Mary Wilson
 Betty Wood
 Charles and Norma Wood
 Mary G. Woods
 Bob and Ginger Worthy
 Shirley Ziegler
 Mr. and Mrs. Herb Ziev


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