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2015 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival

March 5 - 15, 2015

This 10-day Festival of the arts is packed full of the latest in live theatre, dance, music and visual art.  The 2015 Festival will be the 14th year for what D Magazine called “the Best Fringe Festival in town.”

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Keep scrolling for the 2015 Festival line-up!

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2015 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival Line-up

Ah, Whoopsies!


Ah, Whoopsies! is Jen Browne, Lauren Ferebee, Timothy Giles and Montgomery Sutton, who, between the four of them, have acted, directed, written, composed and danced in New York, Dublin, London, Vancouver, Toronto, South Carolina, Dallas and beyond. Rich, magical, theatrical and fun, You Need Go Search is an off-kilter hero’s journey. The piece follows four people in unusual clothes whose lives are lit by flashlights and dime-store lanterns, anchored by broken stuff and communicated via bubbles. It’s ok to laugh.

Studio Theatre 3/10 – 7:30 pm; 3/13 – 9:30 pm; 3/14 – 5:00 pm

The Alternative Comedy Theater


The Victims, of The Alternative Comedy Theater, have entertained audiences with highly theatrical unscripted comedic mayhem since 2006. In addition to local performances, they’ve performed at clubs and festivals all over the country. See them during the Out of The Loop Festival with special guests from The ACT each night. With improv comedy, every show is unique and the scenes are created on the spot from audience suggestions. Be a part of the fun, and catch all the laughs with Dallas comedy veterans The Victims and their friends!

Stone Cottage 3/6 – 9:00 pm; 3/13 – 9:30 pm; 3/14 – 5:00 pm

2014 Best of Loop Winner
Audacity Theatre Lab


Brad McEntire takes on Edmond Rostand’s swashbuckling masterpiece of romance, tragicomedy and bravado in a hilarious and breathtaking solo show. Presented as an old-school oration, McEntire weaves the historical and literary with his own personal narrative to reflect on the nature of theatricality, the nobility of personal identity and the hard-won lessons of love, unrequited and otherwise.

Stone Cottage 3/7 – 5:00 pm; 3/13 – 7:30 pm; 3/15 – 7:30 pm

Blaque Artists Collective


Does a white suburban housewife know more about black trivia than black people? Can a worn out, professional woman get her sexual groove back? What happens when a son comes out to his gay dads during the Zombie Apocalypse? Blaque Artists Collective is dedicated cutting edge, out-of-the-box theatrical storytelling within the African-American community.

Studio Theatre 3/7 – 2:00 pm; 3/14 – 8:00 pm

Contemporary Ballet Dallas


CBD presents Bottled Poetry, offering works that juxtapose the concept of ‘beauty’ - as both an idea or item - against disparate backdrops and situations. Beauty, for all its glory, is also hard to maintain and often draws a jealous reaction. The evening includes premieres by Addison Reed, Jen Arellano & Marielle McGregor. Contemporary Ballet Dallas’ progressive, diverse style combines ballet with modern movement and music to bring dance to audiences like they’ve never seen it before.

Main Stage 3/8 – 5:00 pm; 3/13 – 7:30 pm

Artist CJ Miller


CJ Miller returns to WaterTower Theatre as the “Out of the Loop Fringe Festival” featured artist. This install will feature six new works from his “resonate” series and several works from his “square one” series. His work has been featured at the Visit Addison Gallery, The Small Gallery, Stage West and WaterTower Theatre.

Main Lobby 3/5 Opening Reception 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet


Penumbra / noun; the point or area in which light and shade blend. Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet will present a series of works where lightness and darkness intermingle, creating an unsettlingly beautiful vision of movement. The performance will include five works from DNCB's recent repertoire: The Red Shoes and Shades by Victoria Tran, Heartstrings by Emilie Skinner, Folie à Deux by guest choreographer, Danielle Georgiou, You Are a Memory by company member, Addison Reed

Main Stage 3/7 – 8:00 pm; 3/14 – 2:00 pm

DGDG (the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group)


NICE, an original work from the performance art and dance theatre company DGDG (the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group), explores the societal guidelines that we try to follow in our everyday life to be polite, and to be nice. But what happens when we hide our true feelings and motives? Take liberties with the audience/performer relationship, DGDG wants to entertain the NICE out of you. NICE first premiered at the Wyly Theatre 6th Floor Studio Theatre as part of the Elevator Project, and includes live music from local musician and radio host, Paul Slavens.
Main Stage 3/7 – 5:00 pm; 3/12 – 7:30 pm

Elizabeth Berkman


¡My Sweet Bat-ceañera! is the story of an adopted girl who must determine who and what she is. This solo performance seeks to discover what it means to belong and how we as humans struggle to peel back the labels in order to excavate who we really are. Elizabeth Berkman is an actress in Dallas who seeks to use not only solo performance but also other ways of storytelling to reveal new worlds to audiences.

Stone Cottage 3/12 – 7:30 pm; 3/14 – 2:00 pm; 3/15 – 5:00 pm

2014 Best of Loop Winner
Jenn Dodd


Jenn Dodd is an Andy Kaufman Award Finalist. She is a character comedian and writer whose work focuses on the hilarity of everyday people. Divorce, soul crushing day jobs, repressed sexuality, death: isn’t life HILARIOUS? You will cry ‘til you laugh with character actress, Jenn Dodd, as she portrays several melancholy misfits in this solo sketch comedy of tragedies.

Studio Theatre 3/6 – 7:30 pm; 3/7 – 5:00 pm; 3/8 – 2:00 pm

John Leos Creative


Eating Pavement is an environmental, devised theatre-movement piece conceived by John Leos and Melissa Riggins. It tells the story of two silent, homeless vagrants, Wants and Needs, as they dig through the trash in order to find what it takes to survive.

Outside 3/6 – 7:30 pm; 3/12 – 7:30 pm; 3/14 – 7:00 pm

Jordan Cleaver

Jordan Cleaver graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 2008. She studied at Kennesaw State University in Georgia for two years where she served as principal and co-principal cellist. She has performed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as well as members from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and in the 2014 Loop Festival. Jordan now lives in Dallas and performs regularly around the metroplex.

Main Lobby 3/14 – 7 pm; 3/15 – 4 pm

Melinda Wood Allen


Melinda Wood Allen is a singer/songwriter/actress who performs in many genres from musical theatre to classical and from jazz to gospel to folk. A truly original cabaret show by an award-winning performer with a voice that critics have called, “Pure confection,” and “at once big and crystalline, boisterous and precise.” Written, directed and performed by Melinda Wood Allen, Not An Ingenue features songs from the best of musical theater, (popular and obscure), interspersed with humorous narrative about life, art, dreams, self-acceptance and coming home. Accompanied on piano by Jay Adkins.

Stone Cottage 3/11 – 7:30 pm; 3/14 – 8:00 pm; 3/15 – 2:00 pm

Miniature Curiosa


Miniature Curiosa explores the underbelly of childhood nostalgia with the disappointed eyeballs of adulthood. Through low-fi technology, puppetry and non-linear storytelling, Miniature Curiosa presents fast-moving, fast-talking (sometimes malfunctioning) live action comic books. In this production, Zach Dorn weaves lost journal entries into peculiar tales by manipulating digital cameras through toy-sized streets filled with paper puppets. A lonely puppeteer stalks the child of two notorious celebrities, a three-foot ghost plagues an eight-year-old boy’s fragile psyche, and an opera-singing landlord refuses to return a security deposit. 

Stone Cottage 3/7 – 8:00 pm; 3/8 – 5:00 pm; 3/10 – 7:30 pm

Muscle Memory Dance Theatre


Including You explores the fusion of modern, contemporary and aerial dance, as well as physical theater, video artistry, live music and bubble-wrap installations. The choreographer of the piece, Megan Odom, looks at how alienation and fetishism in modern society can lead to the investigation of an honest reality of the individual within mass culture and society.

Main Stage 3/6 – 7:30 pm; 3/8 – 2:00 pm

2013 Best of Loop Winner
Patrick O’Brien


Patrick O’Brien led the sold-out run of Underneath the Lintel at the 2013 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival. He’s back with another solo show called The Fever in which an affluent traveler to a poor country is leveled by a nightmarish but enlightening fever that will challenge the consciences of the most liberal of theatre-goers. The Fever is written by Wallace Shawn and directed by Patrick O’Brien.

Stone Cottage 3/6 – 7:30 pm; 3/7 – 2:00 pm; 3/8 – 2:00 pm


THRILL ME: The Leopold & Loeb Story

Relationships can be murder. Set in 1924 Chicago, Thrill Me (book, music & lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff) is a dark musical recounting the chilling true story of the legendary “thrill killers,” Leopold & Loeb, who committed one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century. Nathan Leopold was passionate about Richard Loeb, who was passionate about crime and excitement, which ultimately tore them apart.

Main Stage 3/7 – 2:00 pm; 3/14 – 5:00 pm; 3/15 – 7:30 pm

Rhythmic Souls

LEGENDS NEVER DIE: Everything Old is New Again

Rhythmic Souls brings its hit series Legends Never Die with its second installment called Everything Old is New Again. These fierce rhythm tappers will be translating memorable Hollywood movie musical scenes from screen to stage, featuring tributes to famous tap dance legends including Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, The Nicholas Brothers, Ann Miller, Eleanor Powell, Bill Robinson, Sammy Davis Jr., Gregory Hines and more! If you loved movies like Swing Time, Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris, and 42nd Street, this show is for you!

Studio Theatre 3/7 – 8:00 pm; 3/12 – 7:30 pm; 3/15 – 7:30 pm

Rite of Passage Theatre Company


Standing 8 Count is Van Quattro’s hard-knuckled, true account of 1975: the year he spent as a semi-professional boxer. Punctuated by a soundtrack that will breed audience nostalgia and summon a host of memories, Quattro faces down an opponent more formidable than any he’s faced before: the ghost of his own youth. Standing 8 Count will break your face, your funny bone and your heart. Rite of Passage Theatre Company is dedicated to the cultivation and realization of new and thought-provoking works by both emerging and established artists.

Studio Theatre 3/8 – 5:00 pm; 3/11 – 7:30 pm; 3/15 – 2:00 pm

Silver Triangle Theatre Project


Nomad Americana, written by Kira Rockwell, is a nod to classic American theatre, infused with contemporary ideas, centering around a nomadic family who takes temporary root in Texas. It’s a quirky, endearing coming of age story about a conglomeration of dreamers who are asking the same question, “What is my true purpose?”

Main Stage 3/10 – 7:30 pm; 3/14 – 8:00 pm; 3/15 – 5:00 pm

Tori Scott


Tori Scott’s I’ll Regret This Tomorrow is an hour of brassy songs, slurred autobiographical stories, and a celebration of poor life choices. I’ll Regret This Tomorrow takes the audience on a shameless journey of Tori’s childhood years in Texas to her unlucky struggles in New York City. I’ll Regret This Tomorrow is backed by a 3 piece band and will feature songs by Judy Garland, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson and more. Tori Scott is a New York based singer and comedian. Recently, she was named as Time Out New York’s Top 10 Cabaret Artist.  

Studio Theatre 3/13 – 7:30 pm; 3/14 – 2:00 pm; 3/15 – 5:00 pm

2013 Best of Loop Winner
WaterTower Theatre


At night, Emma lives in a world of light and dark. Her father’s stories unveil a world of possibility and adventure, allowing her to find comfort in the darkness. “Make-believe and knowing how to use it,” he says, “That is your light in the dark.” But what happens when imagination is lost? Can it be rediscovered? The Spark is an exploration of light and storytelling through puppetry, music and the mind of a child.

Main Stage 3/5 – 8:00 pm; 3/6 – 9:00 pm; 3/11 – 7:30 pm; 3/15 – 2:00 pm


2015 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival Performance Schedule:

Thursday, March 5

6:00 pm (L) FREE              Art Show Preview (CJ Miller Art)
8:00 pm (MS) $10             The Spark (WaterTower Theatre)

Friday, March 6

7:30 pm (MS) $10             Including You (Muscle Memory Dance)
7:30 pm (ST) $10              Melanchomedy (Jenn Dodd)
7:30 pm (SC) $10             The Fever (Patrick O’Brien)
7:30 pm (OS) $10             Eating Pavement (John Leos Creative)
9:00 pm (MS) $10             The Spark (WaterTower Theatre)
9:00 pm (SC) $10             The Victims Improv Comedy Hour (Alternative Comedy Theater)

Saturday, March 7

2:00 pm (MS) $10             Thrill Me (QLive!)
2:00 pm (ST) $10              Blaque-To-Blaque (Blaque Artists Collective)
2:00 pm (SC) $10              The Fever (Patrick O’Brien)
5:00 pm (MS) $10             NICE (DGDG)
5:00 pm (ST) $10              Melanchomedy (Jenn Dodd)
5:00 pm (SC) $10              Cyrano A-Go-Go (Audacity Theatre Lab)
8:00 pm (MS) $10             Penumbra (Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet)
8:00 pm (ST) $10              Legends Never Die (Rhythmic Souls)
8:00 pm (SC) $10              An Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Show (Miniature Curiosa)

Sunday, March 8

2:00 pm (MS) $10              Including You (Muscle Memory Dance)
2:00 pm (ST) $10               Melanchomedy (Jenn Dodd)
2:00 pm (SC) $10              The Fever (Patrick O’Brien)
5:00 pm (MS) $10              Bottled Poetry (Contemporary Ballet Dallas)
5:00 pm (ST) $10              Standing 8 Count (Rite of Passage)
5:00 pm (SC) $10              An Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Show (Miniature Curiosa)

Tuesday, March 10

7:30 pm (MS) $10              Nomad Americana (Silver Triangle Theatre)
7:30 pm (ST) $10               You Need Go Search (Ah, Whoopsies!)
7:30 pm (SC) $10               An Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Show (Miniature Curiosa)

Wednesday, March 11

7:30 pm (MS) $10              The Spark (WaterTower Theatre)
7:30 pm (ST) $10               Standing 8 Count (Rite of Passage)
7:30 pm (SC) $10               Not an Ingenue (Melinda Wood Allen)

Thursday, March 12

7:30 pm (MS) $10               NICE (DGDG)
7:30 PM (ST) $10                Legends Never Die (Rhythmic Souls)
7:30 pm (SC) $10               iMy Sweet Bat-Ceañera! (Elizabeth Berkman)
7:30 pm (OS) $10               Eating Pavement (John Leos Creative)

Friday, March 13

7:30 pm (MS) $10               Bottled Poetry (Contemporary Ballet Dallas)
7:30 pm (ST) $10                I’ll Regret This Tomorrow (Tori Scott)
7:30 pm (SC) $10               Cyrano A-Go-Go (Audacity Theatre Lab)
9:30 pm (ST) $10               You Need Go Search (Ah, Whoopsies!)
9:30 pm (SC) $10               The Victims Improv Comedy Hour (Alternative Comedy Theater)

Saturday, March 14

2:00 pm (MS) $10               Penumbra (Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet)
2:00 pm (ST) $10                I’ll Regret This Tomorrow (Tori Scott)
2:00 pm (SC) $10                iMy Sweet Bat-ceañera! (Elizabeth Berkman)
5:00 pm (MS) $10               Thrill Me (QLive!)
5:00 pm (ST) $10                You Need Go Search (Ah, Whoopsies!)
5:00 pm (SC) $10               The Victims Improv Comedy Hour (Alternative Comedy Theater)
7:00 pm (L) FREE                Jordan Cleaver Cellist
7:00 pm (OS) $10               Eating Pavement (John Leos Creative)
8:00 pm (MS) $10               Nomad Americana (Silver Triangle Theatre)
8:00 pm (ST) $10                Blaque-To-Blaque (Blaque Artists Collective)
8:00 pm (SC) $10                Not an Ingenue (Melinda Wood Allen)

Sunday, March 15

2:00 pm (MS) $10               The Spark (WaterTower Theatre)
2:00 pm (ST) $10                Standing 8 Count (Rite of Passage)
2:00 pm (SC) $10                Not an Ingenue (Melinda Wood Allen)
4:00 pm (L) FREE                Jordan Cleaver Cellist
5:00 pm (MS) $10               Nomad Americana (Silver Triangle Theatre)
5:00 pm (ST) $10                I’ll Regret This Tomorrow (Tori Scott)
5:00 pm (SC) $10                iMy Sweet Bat-Ceañera! (Elizabeth Berkman)
7:30 pm (MS) $10               Thrill Me (QLive!)
7:30 pm (ST) $10                Legends Never Die (Rhythmic Souls)
7:30 pm (SC) $10                Cyrano A-Go-Go (Audacity Theatre Lab)

L = Theatre Lobby
MS = Main Stage
ST = Studio Theatre
SC = Stone Cottage
OS = Outside

festival history

SThe Out of the Loop Fringe Festival began in 2002 as a way for WaterTower Theatre to produce new and challenging works with a contemporary edge, and was designed to provide opportunities for other existing and emerging theatre, dance, and music companies and artists in the region to present work that may vary in form and presentation from their typical content.  In addition, WaterTower wanted to provide a forum that supported artistic risk, which may not always be possible in a typical subscription-based scenario.  WaterTower hoped that appearing together in a festival atmosphere, these companies could provide the North Dallas and surrounding area with a diverse range of artistic endeavors.

Since 2002, when the Festival drew just over 1,000 patrons over the course of 10 days, Out of the Loop has become a regional theatrical event.  The Festival typically hosts around 20 organizations presenting over 50 individual performances and drawing between 3,000 and 5,000 arts lovers each year.  The Out of the Loop Fringe Festival has also received a Special Citation from the Dallas-Fort Worth Theatre Critics Forum for providing opportunities to new and emerging companies and playwrights.

The Festival has begun to bring in headliners of various disciplines who are nationally renown.   These artists partner with regional and Dallas-based artists in theatre, dance, music, comedy, puppetry and poetry, and are presented side-by-side throughout the Festival's 10-day run.

The Festival continues to present a wide-range of artistic disciplines that explore varied themes and cultural expression.  It is WaterTower's goal to provide the community an opportunity to explore multiple performance mediums at accessible prices.  The Out of the Loop Fringe Festival is one of the most accessible arts events in North Texas both in terms of admission prices and programming.  As always, it is WaterTower Theatre's mission to provide access to and participation in cultural arts events to the widest possible segment of our community.



  • WaterTower Theatre's The Spark
  • Patrick O'Brien (The Fever)
  • Tori Scott (I'll Regret This Tomorrow)


  • WaterTower Theatre's Honky
  • Sossy Mechanics (Trick Boxing)


  • Patrick O'Brien (Underneath the Lintel)
  • Ayana Hampton (The Morning After Show)
  • David Lee Nelson (The Elephant in My Closet)


  • Charles Ross (One Man Lord of the Rings)
  • Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings)


  • Robert Wuhl (Assume the Position)
  • Lauren Weedman (No... You Shut Up)
  • Faye Lane (Beauty Shop Stories)


  • Mike Daisey (Great Men of Genius How Theater Failed America)
  • The 3 Redneck Tenors (Broadway Bound)
  • Seth Rudetsky (Broadway: Seth Rudetsky Style)


  • Charlie Ross (One-Man Star Wars Trilogy)
  • David Schmader (Straight: A Conversion Comedy)


  • Dixie Longate (Dixie's Tupperware Party)
  • WaterTower Theatre's Blackbird


  • WaterTower Theatre's The Great American Trailer Park Musical
  • Imagination Movers


  • Minimum Wage (The Burgerboy Chronicles)


  • Varla Jean Merman (Under a Big Top)
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