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2014-2015 Main Stage Season

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Bonnie & Clyde

October 10 - November 2, 2014

Book by Ivan Menchell
Lyrics by Don Black
Music by Frank Wildhorn

Sponsored by American Bank of Commerce, Pinnacle, WaterTower Theatre Board of Directors

This new musical blends the music of Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, The Scarlet Pimpernel) with the electrifying love story of two of Texas’ most famed outlaws. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were two dreamers that found their way into violent circumstances. Their adventurous story captured the attention of an entire nation!

Stuck in a dead-end job in depression era Texas, young Bonnie Parker falls for charismatic Clyde Barrow. Fearless, shameless, and alluring, their electrifying story of love, adventure, and crime captured the excited attention of an entire country. As their fame, notoriety — and body count — rise; the ill-fated lovers find themselves racing toward an inevitable end.

Recommended for mature audiences. Production contains haze, canned gunfire and violence.

Clyde Barrow - John Campione
Bonnie Parker - Kayla Carlyle*
Buck Barrow - David Price
Blanche Barrow - Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Ted Hinton - Anthony Fortino
Preacher - Sonny Franks*
Young Clyde - Andy Stratton
Young Bonnie - Alexandra Doke
Ensemble - Daron Cockerell, Brigitte Goldman, Christia Mantzke*, Kelly Nickell, Clinton Greenspan, Kyle Igneczi, Hunter Lewis, Michael Scott McNay, Alan Pollard, Willy Welch*

Creative Team:
Director - Rene Moreno
Music Director - Mark Mullino
Choreographer - Kelly McCain
Stage Manager - Caron Grant*
Assistant Director/Properties Supervisor - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Assistant Stage Manager - Kristin Van Sickle*
Set Designer - Sarah Brown
Costume Supervisor - Michael Robinson
Lighting Designer - Dan Schoedel
Sound Designer - Scott Guenther
Fight Choreographer - Jeff Colangelo
Dramaturg - Vicki Cheatwood

*denotes AEA member 

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical

December 5, 2014 - January 4, 2015

Music & Lyrics by David Nehls
Book by Betsy Kelso

Sponsored by Slalom Consulting and Rainmaker Advertising

Those crazy characters from Armadillo Acres, North Florida’s premier mobile living community, are back this holiday season! Everyone's filled with warmth and beer, but when a freak bout of amnesia strikes Darlene, the trailer park Scrooge, neighborly love is put to the test. Be on hand as Betty, Lin and Pickles jingle all the way with some new neighbors in an all-new, all-trailer-park holiday extravaganza.The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical is the sequel to the smash hit original The Great American Trailer Park Musical which WaterTower Theatre audiences remember well!

Contains adult language and content 

Darlene Seward - Amanda Passanante*
Rufus Jeter - Tony Daussat*
Jackson Boudreaux - Greg Hullett
Betty - Sara Shelby-Martin
Linoleum - Cara Serber*
Pickles - Megan Kelly Bates

Creative Team:
Director - James Paul Lemons
Music Director - Mark Mullino
Stage Manager - Caron Grant*
Assistant Stage Manager - Kristin Van Sickle
Set Designer - Rodney Dobbs
Costume Designer - Derek Whitener
Lighting Designer - Scott Guenther
Sound Designer - Kellen Voss
Properties Designer - Hannah Law

*denotes AEA member

The Explorers Club

January 16 - February 8, 2015

By Nell Benjamin

Co-production with Stage West
Regional Premiere

Sponsored by Liberty Capital Bank, Million Air Dallas, Barbara and Bob Bigham: the Baylor Oral Health Foundation

It’s London, 1879, and The Explorers Club is in crisis: a woman is campaigning for admittance; a savage has slapped Her Majesty, inciting a war; the Irish are probably Jewish and a beloved pet snake has swallowed a guinea pig. When an angry English Guard surrounds the club, what’s a gentleman explorer to do? Sit back and enjoy a brandy and cigar, naturally. This is the preposterous premise of Nell Benjamin’s madcap comedy that will have you bending over with laughter! 

Lucius Fretway - John-Michael Marrs*
Harry Percy - Thomas Ward
Phyllida Spotte-Hume - Dana Schultes*
Luigi - Michael Ulmer
Professor Cope - Aaron Roberts
Professor Walling - Mark Shum*
Professor Sloane - Michael Corrolla
Sir Bernard Humphries - Jeff McGee
Beebe - Kyle Igneczi

Creative Team:
Director - Jim Covault
Stage Manager - Peggy Kruger-O'Brien*
Assistant Stage Manager - Jessica Pettit
Set Designer - Clare DeVries
Costume Designer - Michael Robinson
Lighting Designer - Bryant Yeager
Sound Designer - Kellen Voss
Properties Designer - Lynn Lovett
Dramaturg - Vicki Cheatwood

*denotes AEA member

All My Sons

April 17 - May 10, 2015

By Arthur Miller

Sponsored by Atmos Energy, Frost Bank and Phil Griggs LPL Financial Addison

Set in post-World War II, Arthur Miller’s landmark drama examines the relationships between fathers and sons and the price of living the American Dream. An explosive secret threatens to tear the family apart in this powerful play about the conflict between business ethics and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Winner of the first Tony Award and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Play, All My Sons established Miller as a leading voice in the American theatre. Based on a true story.

Joe Keller - Terry Martin*
Kate Keller - Diana Sheehan*
Chris Keller - Christopher Cassarino
Ann Deever - Tabitha Ray
Dr. Jim Bayliss - Chris Hury*
Sue Bayliss - Jessica Cavanagh
George Deever - Joey Folsom*
Frank Lubey - Thomas Ward
Lydia Lubey - Katlin Moon-Jones
Bert - Jude Baremore/Landon Flanagan

Creative Team:
Director - David Denson
Stage Manager - Caron Grant*
Set Designer - Clare DeVries
Costume Designer - Christina Cook
Lighting Designer - Jason Foster
Sound Designer - Christopher Ham
Properties Designer - Hannah Law
Dramaturg - Kyle Eric Bradford

*denotes AEA member 

Manicures & Monuments

June 5 - 28, 2015

By Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Sponsored by TACA and The President’s Circle

Local playwright Vicki Caroline Cheatwood brings us Manicures & Monuments, the hilarious and heartwarming tale of the residents of an Oklahoma nursing home and the young manicurist-in-training, Janann, who comes to volunteer. Janann soon clashes with former Army nurse Bailey, one of the elderly residents. Tempers flare as the two women collide in their struggle to understand each other, but eventually discover the true meaning of what it means to care for someone.

Janann Vanschuyver - Mikaela Krantz*
Lucinda Bailey - Pam Dougherty*
Camille Dugan - Elly Lindsay*
Smitty - Aigner Edgerson
Sammy Mazola - David Price
Luther - Edward Beal
Mr. Swanson - Chris Messersmith
Sara - Charlotte White

Creative Team:
Director - Susan Sargeant
Stage Manager - Caron Grant*
Assistant Stage Manager - Alexis Garcia
Set Designer - Clare DeVries
Costume Designer - Barbara Cox
Lighting Designer - Jeff Stover
Sound Designer - Lowell Sargeant
Properties Designer - Tish Mussey
Dramaturg - Kyle Eric Bradford

*denotes AEA member



Sweet Charity

July 24 - August 16, 2015

Book by Neil Simon
Music by Cy Coleman; Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Plaiano
Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris
Conceived, Staged and Choreographed by Bob Fosse

Sponsored by Women of WaterTower Theatre

Charity Hope Valentine despite her job as a dancer at the seedy Fan-Dango Ballroom, is an eternal optimist who loves too much. She just happens to be the unluckiest romantic in New York City! The musical Sweet Charity is a warm, touching and humorous look at her trials and tribulations, as she repeatedly gives her heart, and her savings, to the wrong man. Adapted from Nights of Cabiria, a film by Federico Fellini, the musical Sweet Charity includes hits such as “Hey, Big Spender,” “Rhythm of Life,” and “If My Friends Could See Me Now.”

Charity Hope Valentine - Whitney Hennen
Oscar Lindquist/Vittorio Vidal/Ensemble - Luke Longacre*
Nikki/Ensemble - Kia Boyer
Helene/Ensemble - Lindsay Longacre*
Ursula/Ensemble - Monique Abry
Daddy Brubeck/Ensemble - Clinton Greenspan
Herman/Ensemble - Brian Hathaway*
Ensemble - Kellie Carroll, Ashley Markgraf, Dominic Pecikonis, Patrick Pevehouse*, Courtney Stewart

Creative Team:
Director - Michael Serrecchia
Music Director - Mark Mullino
Stage Manager - Caron Grant*
Assistant Stage Manager - Alexis Garcia*
Set Designer - Chris Pickart
Co-Costume Designer - Derek Whitener
Co-Costume Designer - Victor Newman Brockwell
Lighting Designer - Jason Foster
Sound Designer - Scott Guenther
Properties Designer - Tish Mussey
Dramaturg - Vicki Cheatwood

*denotes AEA Member

Out of the Loop Fringe Festival

March 5 - 15, 2015

Sponsored by The Town of Addison and The Texas Commission on the Arts
Media sponsors: TheaterJones and the Dallas Observer

Over the past 14 years, WaterTower Theatre has hosted more than 100 artists and companies in its nationally acclaimed 10-day fringe festival of music, dance and theatre. Now recognized as one of the most important fringe festivals in the country, the Out of the Loop Fringe Festival has been instrumental in providing a forum for new works, new artists and emerging voices in the arts

2014-2015 Discover Series
The Santaland Diaries

December 5-28, 2014

By David Sedaris; Adapted for the stage by Joe Mantello

Sponsored, in part, by The Town of Addison

Based on the true chronicles of David Sedaris’ experience as Crumpet the Elf in Macy’s Santaland display, this cult classic riffs on a few of Sedaris’ truly odd encounters with his fellow man during the height of the holiday crunch. NPR humorist and best-selling author ofWhen You Are Engulfed in FlamesMe Talk Pretty One Day and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris has become one of America’s pre-eminent humor writers, and this production has almost become an Addison holiday tradition.

Contains mature content

Crumpet, the Elf - Garret Storms*

Creative Team: 
Director - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Stage Manager - Devon Miller*
Set Designer - Jason Harris
Costume Designer - Derek Whitener
Lighting Designer - Kenneth Farnsworth
Sound Designer - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Properties Supervisor - Hannah Law

*denotes AEA member

Sexy Laundry

January 31 - February 22, 2015

by Michelle Riml
Directed by Terry Martin

Sponsored, in part, by The Town of Addison

After 25 years of “bliss” Alice and Henry are having marital problems. Alice has decided to re-kindle the flame of their dormant love life with a weekend in an upscale swanky hotel room. “The L is the hottest new hotel in the city. It’s a synthesis of Eastern design and western sensibility,” she informs Henry. And to boost the odds, she has brought along a copy of ‘Sex for Dummies’ and a willingness to try things. Henry’s brought only his bad attitude, announcing that “nothing’s as good as it could be—that’s life!” He gazes at the book with suspicion and dread. Alice and Henry snipe at and harangue each other through a rehash of marital ruts and potholes that have left them both spiritually spent. They share their erotic fantasies, exchange recriminations, and take turns confessing the details of their personal mid-life crises as the play moves from comic, to serious, and back again.

Alice - Wendy Welch*
Henry - Bob Hess*

Creative Team:
Director - Terry Martin
Assistant Director - Diana Sheehan
Stage Manager - Caron Grant*
Set Designer - Jason Harris
Lighting Designer - Bryant Yeager
Sound Designer - Kelsey Leigh Ervi
Properties Designer - Hannah Law

*denotes AEA member


April 25 - May 17, 2015

by Lucinda McDermott

Sponsored, in part, by The Town of Addison

O’KEEFFE! is a one-woman show based on the life of the iconic and celebrated 20th century modern artist Georgia O’Keeffe.  The story explores O’Keeffe’s often turbulent relationship with her husband, Arthur Stieglitz, the man often credited with bringing modern art to America and the one who discovered Georgia O’Keeffe.

Georgia O'Keeffe - Carolyn Wickwire

Creative Team:
Produced by Flower and Bone Productions, presented by WaterTower Theatre
Co-producer - Dennis West
Director - Ouida White
Master Carpenter - Dennis West
Costume Designer - Aaron Patrick Turner
Set Color Consultant - Jennifer Owen
Bones crafted by James McCormick

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