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Women of WaterTower Theatre (WOW!)

The goal of Women of WaterTower Theatre is to offer members the opportunity to connect with an exciting and diverse group of women, a place to expand horizons about the arts with prestigious speakers – often women working in the arts -- held at innovative venues and a forum to help build wider community support for WaterTower Theatre.

WOW! is Chaired by Rose Colarossi. It has a dedicated group of community volunteers responsible for developing all of the group’s activities.

Membership Fee: $150

Membership Benefits:

  • Two tickets to one Opening Night performance during the Main Stage season which will include a private pre-show reception.
  • Invitation for you and a guest to attend a dress rehearsal of one WaterTower production which will include a private reception.
  • Invitations to at least two members-only events.
  • Recognition of your support in WTT’s playbill and on WTT’s website.
  • A portion of the fee is tax-deductible.
  • Along with the priceless, intangible benefits of networking, friendship, and encouragement of your fellow women.

Rose Colarossi (Chair) has been involved with WaterTower since 2009.  She became a member of WOW! in 2011 and joined the WOW! Steering Committee in 2013.  Rose has been involved with WTT on many levels including sitting on the Steering Committees, the Community Cast Party as well as the Spotlight Gala 2015.  Rose is also a member of the WaterTower Theatre Board of Directors and serves on its Development Committee. Many of you may also know Rose through her family business, The Egg & I Restaurants with their original location right here in Addison.

Most recently, Rose has started hosting a new online radio show called Hope Through Conversations on Pegasus Netwaves bringing to light issues in an effort to educate and promote awareness and empathy.  A huge advocate of WaterTower Theatre, she has offered WTT the opportunity to be on her show to discuss the importance of the Arts.  She will also be promoting WOW!  In addition, Rose has partnered with one of the stations owners to start an all women’s radio station called LeFemme Focus, which will be supported by an online magazine of the same name, social hours and seminars. She will host a show called WE – Women Entrepreneurs that will give small women-owned business an opportunity to promote their business or service at a reasonable cost. It is evident that Rose is a huge supporter of women.  For over ten years, Rose owned a Curves; an all women’s fitness facility. Through Curves she supported local domestic and homeless shelters in our area.   Through that experience, she learned of a specific need and is now in the process of starting a non-profit that will support domestic and homeless shelters.   

On a personal note, before her entrepreneurial days, Rose was a behavior modification therapist working with children with Autism.  She is a huge advocate of My Possibilities, a non-profit organization for adults with disabilities.  She has sat on many of their advisory committees and their The Egg & I Restaurants participates in their annual Santa Run each year.  Rose and her husband Rob have four children and two grandchildren.  Together they teach Sunday school to 4 and 5 year-olds at Hope Fellowship in Frisco and are both very involved in supporting Build International Ministries, Metro Relief and Tres Dias. They are huge advocates of WaterTower Theatre.  They enjoy sharing their season tickets by inviting new people to each performance.

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You can also download and complete the WOW! membership form below and email it to Greg Patterson at or fax to 972.450.6244.

For more information, please call Greg Patterson, Director of Development & Marketing, at 972-450-6227 or email


WaterTower Theatre is a 501(c) (3) organization as designated by the IRS and as such contributions are tax-deductible to the extent and manner allowed by law.

Thank you Mary Kay

For the fourth straight year, Mary Kay is the official sponsor of WOW!

WOW! Steering Committee

Rose Colarossi, Chair

Barbara Bigham
April Bosworth
Shannon Brame
Anita Braun
Nancy Brenner
Barbara Daseke
Elizabeth Fratantuono
Jeanette Johnson
Karol Omlor
Suzanne Palmlund
Corky Pledger
Andrea Redmon
Debbie Staggs
Glynda Turner

upcoming wow! events!

Upcoming Events Include: 

For more information, contact Greg Patterson, Director of Development & Marketing, at 972.450.6227.

Special Note: There are 3 kinds of WOW! events. The type of event is indicated on each invitation. We respectfully request that members observe the guidlines for each type of event. They are as follows:

Members-Only Events: We often provide our members with fun, exclusive events as a benefit. These events are a show of our appreciation for the support you provide WaterTower Theatre.

Member & Prospect Events: We encourage you to bring your friends who share your love of the arts to these events. This is a great way to introduce them to the theatre and the fun, diverse group of women who make up WOW!

Member & Guest Events: Bring a friend or bring your husband! These events are open to any guest you want to bring.

WOW! Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Women of WaterTower Theatre was founded 5 years ago on October 16, 2008 by founding Co-Chairs Shannon Brame and Karol Omlor.  What started out with a group of 20 founding members that first event held at the home of Shannon Brame on October 16 quickly grew to a dynamic group of women with a membership totaling 165 today. 

WOW! has contributed thousands of dollars to WaterTower Theatre in direct and indirect financial support.  The group has enjoyed more than 40 events that have ranged from celebrity cooking demonstrations by Kent Rathbun to performances of world-class live theatre at WaterTower Theatre.

WOW! has set and continues to set the stage for what a dynamic women's donor group can be for a live professional theatre company.  It's fun, exciting, and enlightening and offers hours upon hours of socializing and networking all in a theatre setting.

Thank you to the many members of WOW! who have made this group so special and to our founding Chairs Ms. Brame and Mrs. Omlor, and our current Chairs Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Bosworth for your dedication and commitment.

past WOW! Events

WOW! members recieve 4 - 6 events each year as part of their membership. The events range from attending WaterTower performances and parties, to exclusive backstage tours and parties at members' homes. Some of our past events include:

  • Backstage tour of WaterTower Theatre
  • Dinner hosted by Fogo de Chao
  • Cocktails and culinary demonstration at the home of celebrity chef Kent Rathbun
  • Attended the first reading of WTT's Shooting Star
  • Opening Night performance of Black Tie
  • Pre-show reception and special sneak peek of WTT's popular Our Town
  • And so many more!


Click here to see photos from our past events!


WOW! Membership (6.23.15)

Michelle Anderson                  Maureen T. Anderson            Ellen Austrew       
Judy Barrett                          Gail Barth                            Rosalind Benjet            
Janet Bernstein                      Mary Bevil                           Barbara Bigham      
Judy Birchfield                      Dorothy Bjorck                    Georgene Bleuler    
April Bosworth                       Shannon Brame                   Janine Brand        
Anita Braun                           Nancy Brenner                     Judy Bronaugh    
Mary Brown                           Sue Brown                          Sue Carlson            
Mary Carpenter                      Kim Carter                          Mary Jo Cater
Donna Catterton                     Paula Clancy                       Cathy Clark          
Rose Colarossi                        Jolene E. Cormier                Barbara Daseke             
Sarah DeFrancisco                  Joanne Delagrange              Clare DeVries   
Karen Douglas                       Eileen Elledge                      Kathleen Engle
Sherry O. Fletcher                  Mrs. Rocky Ford                   Diane Foshee   
Elizabeth Fratantuono             Sue Fry                               Jane Goodell   
Dolores Ann Graul                  Stacey Griggs                      Margie Gunther   
Rita P. Harvey                        Leslie Hassler                      Kelli Heinzerling
Vickie Henry                          Wanda Hughes                     Jeanette Johnson   
Kathleen Klaviter                    Elaine Klobe                        Florence Krueger   
Janet Laughlin                        Denise Lee                          Susan Lewis   
Janeva Longacre                     Carole Lucio                         Janene Ludlow
Jennifer Luney Bejtovic            Georgie D. Madden              Marilyn Manby   
Genny Mantzuranis                 Donna Marino                      Carole Marlowe   
Jennifer Martinez                    Judy Mathis                         Mary Anne Mayer Redmond    
KC McClain                            Ann McCoy                          Mary McKinney
Kathleen A. Messina               Michelle Mew                        Dawn Mickey   
Janelle Moore                         Karen Morriss                       Andrea (Andy) Mueller   
Teri Naho'olewa                      Joan Nesbitt                         Betty Nelson   
Vicki Newsom                         Suzie Oliver                         Karol Omlor
Suzanne Palmlund                  Wanda Parker                       Maryanne Pfeffer   
Corky Pledger                         Pat Porter                            Gigi Powell   
Julie Ramirez                          Andrea Redmon                   Louise Reese   
Carol Resnick                          Eileen Resnik                       Karen A. Reynolds
Cynthia Rollow                        Eleanor Roylance                  Joyce Sanders   
Lou Sartor                              Laura Lee Scherer                Lorrie Semler   
Diana Sheehan                       Jennifer Simpson                  Martha Smith   
Baharak Sotoudeh                   Debbie Staggs                     Tammany A. Stern
Lynn Stofer                            Bonnie Jean Stoner               Lisa Taylor   
Betsyanne Tippette                 Mary Ellen Todd                    Patti Towell   
Ruth Trudeau                         Brenda Truitt                       Glynda Turner   
Marsha Walden                       Virginia Wallace                    Sarah L. Warnecke
Shirley Warren-Hastings          Virginia Waytena                   Paula A. Welch   
Barb Wenzel                           Kathryn H. Wheeler               Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis   
Teresa Wilkin                          Carolyn Williams                   Betty Winkelman   
Elizabeth Winkle                     Sylvia Wise                           Betty Wood
Karen Wood                           Mary Alice Wynn

Holly Canterbury Honorary WOW! Members

Angie Canterbury
Liese Canterbury

Clare DeVries 
Pam Dougherty

Denise Lee
Diana Sheehan

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